Tooth Tokens

Introducing ... Our “Tooth Token” Patient Reward Program


We are starting an exciting opportunity for our patients called a “Tooth Token Program.” Not only is this a way to have fun, but it also gives us the chance to reward those of you who are dedicated to making your orthodontic treatment a great experience for all!

Here’s how it works! At each appointment, you will have an opportunity to receive up to three Tooth Tokens if certain criteria are met:

  • First, each patient will be awarded one Token for excellent oral hygiene: clean teeth and healthy gums. This will be determined by Dr. Scott or by one of our registered orthodontic assistants. Please feel free to brush once you arrive at your appointment to make sure no plaque is present! However, there is one catch ... you must receive this tooth token to be eligible for the next two opportunities listed below.
  • Second, each patient will be awarded one Token for arriving on time, having no broken appliances, such as loose brackets or bands, bent and/or broken wires, and for excellent cooperation with any appliances such as elastics, retainers, etc.
  • Third, each patient will be awarded one Token for wearing an office T-shirt to his/her appointment. As an added bonus, if you are seen outside of our office wearing your Scott Orthodontics T-shirt, by any staff member, including Dr. Scott, you will get TEN tooth tokens!

Tokens may be cashed in at any time for cool prizes. Check the Tooth Token book in our reception area for a complete list. We look forward to working together in creating beautiful smiles for all and having a wonderful experience getting there!

The Tooth Token program is not required; however, we encourage all patients (adults included) to participate!